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SLADI Conference 2023 – “Latin American International Law”

The Latin American Society for International Law (SLADI) will celebrate its next biennial Conference on November 29th-December 1st 2023, at the University of São Paulo.


This year’s theme will be “Latin American International Law”. Thereby, SLADI seeks to put Latin America as a central topic of reflection, as well as its ideas and approaches concerning the past and future of International Law. It also fosters questions concerning the contemporary relevance of regionalism and regional projects in the context of global norm-making, as well as the interests and traits that unite Latin American Countries, as well as separate them.


At the same time, this theme allows us to concentrate on distinct problems, concerns and developments that pertain to the region, such as international law of the environment and the impact on future generations, International Investment Law, the populist surge and the expansion of International Humanitarian Law in the fight against organized crime, among many other areas of concern for the region and its relationship with the rest of the world. It further invites the sending of abstracts that reflect or address the relationship between Latin America and other regions, the growing relevance of China, and the reactions vis-à-vis the new geopolitical configuration in the world. We also welcome proposals related to the history of international law in the region, such as those related to human rights, the Law of the Sea, the peaceful settlement of disputes and transitional justice, among many others. Each of the proposals will need to address or reflect a particular view, sensibility or ideas relevant to the region or to regionalism more broadly.


SLADI thereby invites the submission of paper and panel proposals that address one or more of the issues that constitute this research agenda by next July 31st to Abstracts and proposals should not be longer than 500 words and should be accompanied by a CV (2 pages max.) and a brief letter. Submissions can be made in Spanish, Portuguese, English or French, and presentations at the Conference can be conducted in any of these four working languages of the Society. Selected papers will be notified by 15th August 2023. We expect that a selection of papers will be published in a Special Dossier organized by SLADI with the title “Latin American International Law” in an international peer-reviewed journal. SLADI will send letters of invitation for those who will need to seek support in their relevant institutions, as required. Unfortunately, SLADI cannot offer any financial assistance.


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